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melt flow indexers testing method

There is no clear-cut reason to prove which method is ideal for a particular organization; however there are certain guidelines that can be used to make a choice. Procedure A is highly useful for organizations that test infrequently, utilise a wide range of materials, use a range of additives in the...


The Test Method of Nail Bed Flammable Tester

The tester is designed for determining the flammability of cloth toys and plush toys, used in the detection of flammability of flammable hair, and recording the burning time, to make a assessment whether the flammability of the burning part meet the requirement of standards. Nail bed burning tester ...


The Testing Method of sublimation fastness tester

Heat color fastness refers to the ability to keep original color of dyed fabrics under conditions of different heat. Heat color fastness test can be done in dry, tide, wet environment, which depends on the use of textiles. The machine using in heat color fastness test is Ironing Sublimation Color Fa...


The Method Gelbo Flex Testing

Material that is a nonporous, flexible film can be used for gelbo flex testing. Typically, this is a clear plastic film that you would see on the on the reverse side of Tyvek pouch or foil material for a foil-to-foil pouch. The first step is to cut a swatch of film that is about the size of 1 piece ...


What is Gelbo Flex Testing?

Gelbo flex testing is a standard per ASTM (ASTM F392: Standard Practice for Conditioning Flexible Barrier Materials for Flex Durability). As mentioned above, gelbo flex testing is not a required method for bringing a medical device to market. Rather, it is used as an R+D (research and development) t...


Material durability testing of Gelbo Flex Tester

If you have been performing property evaluations on flexible film materials using single point tests such as impact, puncture, tear, and tensile, consider a dynamic end-use test for durability, instead. Gelbo flex testing can upgrade an annual characterization, evaluate the competition or benchmark ...


Anti Synthetic blood penetration testing Procedure

A specimen medical face mask is supported on an apparatus. A volume of synthetic blood is sprayed horizontally at the specimen mask to simulate the scenario of a mask being splashed by a punctured blood vessel. The volume of fluid, distance to impact, orifice size and fluid velocity are defined in t...


Introduction of Anti Synthetic blood penetration testing

Workers, primarily those in the health care profession, involved in treating and caring for individuals injured or sick, can be exposed to biological liquids capable of transmitting disease. These diseases, which may be caused by a variety of microorganisms, can pose significant risks to life and he...


Type of mask testing

The performance of dust mask shall conform to the requirements described in the right column of the following Table when tested according to the test procedures described in the left column of the same Table. Test procedures: The particulate filtering efficiency is measured by the measurements of ...


Structural requirements for dust masks

The structure of dust mask shall conform to the requirements shown in the following each item. 1. It must be not easy to break. 2. It must be easy to wear, and not to give a pressed feeling or pain when being worn. 3. The dead space must not be too large. 4. It must not remarkably narrow the visual ...


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