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Medical Face Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Method

Mask synthetic blood penetration tester is used for the determination of penetration performance of synthetic blood and other liquid-derived liquid injection to evaluate its safety and protection performance.It is suitable for the determination of penetration of synthetic blood spatter in surgical m...


Independent Testing and Methods

AATCC: This represents The American Association of Textile Colorists. The AATCC is the worlds largest technical and scientific organization to promote the knowledge and applications within the textile industry. AATCC Test Method 30: The two purposes of this test method are to determine the susceptib...


Surgical mask filter and fit performance

Surgical masks have been in widespread use since the early 1900s to help prevent infection of surgical wounds from staff-generated nasal and oral bacteria.1,2 Today, surgical masks vary widely in style and intended application and can be found in a broad range of hospital and health care settings. I...


A Expedient Method For Medical Face Mask Filtration Testing

The current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many of us to seek alternative materials that will allow the self-fabrication of masks and filter systems. We are being asked by others, agencies and colleagues to provide advice on these issues. Many of us are unfamiliar with the methods or the equipment tha...


The characteristic of Anti Synthetic blood penetration tester

The Synthetic Blood Penetration Splash Resistance test is one of two synthetic blood resistance tests offered by Nelson Labs to determine a products ability to act as a barrier to blood-borne pathogens. The Splash Resistance test method challenges medical face masks with a fixed volume of synthetic ...


Testing methods for masks

In view of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus we decided to publish a short recap about proper personal protection equipment and their standardized testing methods. Surgical masks and respirators are used by many for professional as well as personal applications. Both devices protect its wearer ...


Learn about Masks Test standard

On July 10, 1995, 30 CFR 11 was replaced by 42 CFR 84 as an active regulation. As of that date, NIOSH no longer accepts applications for new approvals or for extension of approvals under Part 11 regulations. All nonpowered, air-purifying, particulate-filter respirators approved under Part 84 must me...


BS EN 14683:Standard Requirements For Medical Face Mask

BS EN 14683- This European Standard specifies construction, design, performance requirements and test methods for medical face masks intended to limit the transmission of infective agents from staff to patients during surgicalprocedures and other medical settings with similar requirements. A medical...


A Comparison of Surgical mask And N95 masks

Surgical mask: Surgical mask has good filtration effect on bacteria and viruses,breathable,comfortable and clean,and is widely used by modern doctors.The surgical mask is subdivided into three types according to its usage:disposable surgical mask,surgical mask and medical protective mask.Disposable ...


Particulate-filter Standards:NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84

The Part 84 certification regulation provides for nine classes of filters(three levels of filter efficiency,with three categories of resistance to filter efficiency degradation).The three levels of filter efficiency are 95%,99%,and 99.97%.The three categories of resistance to filter efficiency degra...


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