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Pre-sale service for test instrument

Welcome to use Qinsun instrument online pre-sales service,whenever you send email to info@standard-groups.com,our testing instrument expert will answer your questions , and to provide you with the best solution.Please be sure to write detailed information such as the test standard,special request,technical parameter and specification request,application as well as your name,company name,telephone number and email address when you send us an inquiry about the test equipment.

1.Our sales representatives will answer your consultation in details, and provide you with detailed product information in time.

2.Our Technical personnel will communicate with you and help you understand the test equipment and configuration, and provide other manufacturers product performance, function index, features and price level, to provide objective reference opinions.

3. Our business representatives and technical staff will work closely with you, provide you with the most suitable test equipment, which can meet your specific requirements.

Sale service for test instrument

1. Equipment quality:

1) All textile testing equipment manufacturing and inspection information are all recorded.

2) The equipment will not be delivered until after their performance are tested, we invite you to perform the whole process of product, the whole performance tests.

2. Equipment price:

1) In order to ensure product high reliability and advanced nature, only high quality branded domestic and international products are used as raw material.

2) Under the condition of equal competition, our company sincerely offer you the most preferential price,without any product technical performance reducing or accessories change.

3. Equipment delivery :

We will delivery the test equipment according customer request, if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can arrange special production, installation, so to meet your needs.

4. The following documents are provided with all our test instrument

1)Technical maintenance manual

2)Installation drawing,instruction book

3)Purchased components specifications and manufacturers name

4)Supply wearing parts, spare parts list, together with the spare parts for the main machine.

After-sales service for test equipment

1. Service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

2. Service aim: customer satisfaction as the goal

3. Service efficiency:Whether the the instrument failure occurs within or beyond warranty ,our maintenance personnel will give you satisfactory reply within 24 hours.

4. Service principle:Product warranty period 14 months, during the warranty period we will provide free maintenance and replacement of damaged parts for the test equipment caused by the quality problem. For the damaged parts beyond warranty period, we supply the new parts at our margin price. Our technical expert will survey the test equipment at least 3 times a year if the machine is beyond warranty period.