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Portable human body cooling device

Portable human body cooling device

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The scorching summer heat is unbearable, and the continuous high temperature outdoors is even more unbearable. High temperature environments are more prone to heat stroke, making outdoor work or exercise even more challenging. However, for those who need to work outdoors, no matter how high the temperature is, they still need to stick to their posts, such as construction workers, sanitation workers, and other personnel who need to work outdoors for a long time. High temperatures are a torment for them. Is there a good way to change this situation? At least allowing these outdoor workers to work in an environment where they feel the temperature is not that high? The portable wearable cooling device developed by Standard Group has emerged.

In hot conditions, fill and freeze Portable human body cooling device for an unparalleled 70 Watts of cooling power per plate, keeping your core body temperature where you want it for hours. As the ice melts, you will have ice cold water to drink. In cold weather, fill Portable human body cooling device with warm water for year-round thermal comfort. Our proprietary TotalDrain Technology lets you finally drink all the water you are carrying, meaning no wasted weight. Portable human body cooling device a 30% storage density advantage compared to bottled water.

Forget the awkward canteens and bottled water of the past - Portable human body cooling device is gently contoured to your body and flexible yet super durable, even adding protection for body armor users. Portable human body cooling device can be custom molded at home to match the curvature of your hard armor plates.

Portable human body cooling device is a breeze to clean -- just pop it in the dishwasher or rinse with hot water. No other hydration system can match its unique game-changing capabilities. Designed and manufactured in the China.

Portable human body cooling device can be worn between a Combat Shirt (or any base layer shirt) and a plate carrier.It is designed to be secured using any number of field-expedient, improved lashing options: folded over 100mph tape, 550 cord, shoelaces, zip ties or the included Velcro straps. Drawing on the existing practice of war-fighters freezing bottled water before going out on patrol, Portable human body cooling device is worn and stored in a frozen state. Once deployed, body heat melts the ice; cooling the user and creating cool, clean drinking water simultaneously. The Portable human body cooling device fits with all types of armor (soft and hard) without modification for most missions. For missions where additional security is required, strap loops are built into the Portable human body cooling device. These strap loops allow Portable human body cooling device to be worn in a variety of configurations, with and without armor.


140+ watts of cooling when frozen (front and back Portable human body cooling devices)

50+ ounce capacity per Portable human body cooling device

<12 oz. empty bottle weight

30%+ greater storage density vs. bottled water

Optimized for Pelican Coolers

Fits any body armor configuration/rig

Can be worn with or without armor using top and side strap loops (optional)

TotalDrain Technology ensures total consumption, reduced contamination risk

Screw top for easy refill and addition of electrolyte tablets

Recessed fill port minimizes injury risk to neck/throat area in blast events



Dimensions: 10" by 12" by 1"

Weight: About 12 oz.

Capacity: 50 oz (1.5 L)

Cooling Duration: Lasts 2-4 hours, freeze overnight (6-8 hours)

Heating Duration: Lasts 3-5 hours filled with hot water (like a Bunn commercial coffee maker) between 150-190F, depending on personal preference/safety and outside temperature

Portable wearable cooling devices have the following advantages:

1. Fast cooling

Using a fan to blow out cold air can cool down key parts of the body, such as the back. At the same time, ice can be used to melt and cool down, and slight contact with the human body can be achieved to apply ice to the arteries for cooling.

2. Multi gear adjustable

The condition knob can be used to control the cooling effect. Secondly, it can use the melting of the ice to locally cool down without starting the fan before wearing, or it can start the fan to cool down the back in a large area. After the ice is completely melted, the fan can continue to blow air to cool down.

3. Long battery life

By using a dual power supply method of self charging high-tech rechargeable batteries and adding a power bank, it can ensure long-term continuous operation.

4. Ice cubes can be replenished in a timely manner

If the ice block of the device is complete, it can continue to be counted from the outside to achieve continuous operation; If the ice cubes at home are edible, they can be directly consumed by people after melting, quickly relieving heat and thirst.

5. Convenient to carry

Completely liberating both hands, wearing it without a noticeable sense of weight-bearing, lightweight and convenient, without affecting the work style and efficiency of outdoor workers, achieving multiple benefits with one action.

6. Mute level

Unlike other cooling devices, this product uses high-quality silent fans, greatly reducing fan noise and minimizing the impact on outdoor work.

7. Widely applicable

This product is not only suitable for outdoor construction workers, sanitation workers, and security personnel, but also suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, fishing, travel, and all scenes that require staying outdoors.

8. Fashionable and cool

Adopting a portable vest wearing method, it can be directly worn on the outside of clothing, tied to the body like a seat belt, lightweight and convenient to carry, combining practicality and a sense of technology.

Do you want to have a set of such a cool portable wearable cooling device?


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