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Static Decay Meter

Static Decay Meter

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Electro-tech system’s is the industry standard for static decay analysis. A material’s decay rate is a crucial metric in static sensitive environments where materials must be able to quickly dissipate charge in a controlled manner. With such data, researchers can validate that their sample is suitable for a variety of environments meeting applicable DOD, NFPA, ESDA, INDA, EU standards. The 4406 provides this insight by charging the material to a defined voltage and proceeding to ground the material and monitoring the time it takes to decay to a defined cutoff level.

Standards Satisfied 


Electronic Packaging 

Clean Rooms 

Medical Equipment 

Plastic Formulation 

Military Testing 

R&D Materials 

Textile Applications 

Hazard Control 

Materials Engineering

Key Features:

Automated testing provides ease of use, efficiency and eliminates human errors. 

System automatically evaluates materials prior to testing to ensure valid results. 

Fixturing and clamping flexibility allows analysis of various shapes, sizes and types of materials. 

Test data is stored in memory and can be easily downloaded. 


Charging Voltage: Programmable 600-5,250V 

Decay Time Resolution (sec): 3 digit display of decay time with finest resolution 0.001 seconds Cutoff Levels: 1%, 10% & Adjustable 

Power: Voltage: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz; 0.75 Amps max Input: IEC Socket with 6’ (2m) cable with NA plug (Std) 


Size: 16-3/4”W x 12”D x 4”H (42.5 x 30.5 x 10 cm) 

Weight: 8.5 lbs. (4 kg) 


Required Environment (humidity): 50% RH or lower recommended (70% RH or higher will produce unreliable results). 

Electrostatic Sensor: Drift <1%/min (Relative Humidity must be <70% RH) 1ms response time @ 10-50% RH and 20 to 25-degree C 

Sample Holder: 

Magnetic: For Film, Fabric (included) 

Clamp: For Non-flexible sheet (included) 

Custom: For Shaped objects (available at extra cost) 


Size: 9-1/2”W x 11-1/2”D x 9-3/4”H (24 x 29 x 25 cm) 

Weight: 9.5 lbs. (4.3 kg) 

Warranty: One (1) Year – Parts & Labor 


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