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Four Independent Temperature-Control Dyeing Machine

Four Independent Temperature-Control Dyeing Machine

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product features:

4 individual temperature control works in one machine to provide higher efficiency than normal machines.

32cups Huge productivity:

The dyeing machine could run 32 cups ofsample with 4 kinds of different temperature processes at the same time, which is the highest productivity dyeing machine in market. 

Only settle 8 cups on one drum.

When the sampling volume is small, operators can only turn on one or two drums to save energy

Small diameter

Dyeing cup position is near to the axis, so the centrifugal force is small. And the solution in thecup would flow pulses well.Can run 80 revolutions per minute.

Angle adjustable

Drums’ rotating angle, speed and reverse rate could be adjusted to simulate to the performance of different sampling machines and dyeing machines in workshop.

Horizontal rotation

Works on dyeing low liquor-ratio products to ensure flatness of fabric. 

Oblique rotation

Rotate on 15-25 degree, which is general setting for most of products.

Shaking rotation

Adjust the drum to 90 degree. 

Dyestuff could be absorbed better but wrinkle may happen on fabric.

Internal heating:

Heating by heating rod inside the aluminum barrel. Heat the aluminum on the central of barrelto ensure even and stable heating up process. Discard traditional sand casting but process the aluminum alloy Container by CNC to ensure accuracy of dimension. Temperature conduction and uniformity will be better.

Internal heating:

Increase cooling efficiency of powerful turbine fan by 50%Upgrade to high-speed turbofan to improve 50% efficiency on cooling process.

Energy saving:

Only settle 8 cups on one rotating drum, which consumption is 1600 watts. When the sampling volume is small, operators can only turn on one or two drums to save energy. Use fan to lower the temperature of container. No glycerin pollution issue during sampling so the environment will be more friendly to operators.

PC monitoring:

Use computer to monitor the temperature of each rotating drum.

A computer can monitor 28 rotating drum. Humanization software: easy tochange heating curve. And with record function, that can standard operation process.

Capacity of drum: 6pcs of 500ml cups, 8 pcs of 420ml cups and 10 pcs of 200ml cups. 

Client could arrange different kind of drums in one machine.

Four Independent Temperature-Control Dyeing Machine

Size: 91 × 71 × 169 cm 

Temperature: 室溫~140℃ 

Power: 220V 6.8KW/H

Accuracy: ± 0.5℃

Cup Qty. & Capacity: 32cups,420ml; 40cups,200ml; 24cups,500ml

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