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Filter Testing Machine

Filter Testing Machine

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It’s great significant for Dynamic Filter Tester and filter media test system bench to optimize and develop filter materials, ensure quality assurance of the production process. Dust capacity and filtration efficiency are the most interesting properties of filter material properties, depending on the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the filter and the test particle size.

In order to test these properties, the Filter test bench bench tests the filter materials according to international standards. The entire test bench is compact and lightweight, and only requires additional single-phase power and compressed air during the test. It is suitable for the laboratory.

Air filtration material test bench Standards

1. YY0469-2004 Technical requirements for surgical mask
2. GB2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment -- non-powered air-purifying particle respirator
3. EN1822-3: 1998 High efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA and ULPA) - Part 3: Testing flat sheet filter media

Filter Testing Machine Features

Test the filter materials according to the standards (air filter EN779,  air filters for passenger compartments ISO11155-1 ISO11057, VDI3926).
Develop and optimize filter materials.
Good quality assurance.
Smart design makes its application with greater scalability and extensibility.
The test bench can be operated and controlled by user-friendly PAFWin3.0 software.
Aerosols are available in a wide range (gas, dust and droplets).
The optimal combination of instruments makes it the most cost-effective.

Technical Parameters:



Air flow  


Differential pressure


Cross section

176cm2(diameter 150mm)

Cylinder pressure


Agitated time

50~150 ms

Optical particle counter

LAP322 particle size spectrometer, 0.2~40μm(0.2~5μm, 0.7~40μm), 128 channel(test  concentration<104 /cm3)

Test aerosol

Dust (AC fine, AC coarse, soot, calcite, limestone).Droplets (DEHS, DOP, paraffin, emery 3004).Salts (sodium chloride solution, ammonium sulfate solution). PSL small ball.


3×230 V, 16A

Air Filter Testing Equipment

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