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Glow wire test apparatus Test methods-IEC 60695-2

The glow wire test to IEC 60695-2, EN 60695-2, VDE 0471-2 The glow wire test to IEC 60695-2-11 is used to test electrical products, assemblies or individual components. The glow wire temperature (Fig. 2) is determined by the Electrical Equipment Committee as a function of the type of risk arising wh...


What are the Factors that affect color fastness?

Color fastness is a term used in the textile industry to describe the resistance of a fabric against color fading or color transfer. We can check the color fastness of a fabric by running a test. The test methods that we usually use for Crocking/Rubbing are called BS EN ISO 105 X12 and AATCC 8. That...


Respiratory resistance measured by an airflow perturbation device

Respiratory resistance is a measurement of clinical and physiological interest. Increased resistance is clinically related to an assortment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema and other obstructive disorders. Resistance measurement is useful in evaluating the res...


UL 94V Flammability test

These requirements cover tests for flammability of polymeric materials used for parts in devices and appliances. They are intended to serve as a preliminary indication of their acceptability with respect to flammability for a particular application. revised June 2, 2006 1.2 The methods described in ...



The potential of building materials to contribute to fire growth and spread has lead to extensive regulatory control. Various and numerous small-scale tests are used to simulate and characterize flammability, flame spread and smoke production. Recently Fire Science and Technology Laboratory at CSIRO...



Improving efficiency, lowering ozone depletion (ODP),lowering contribution to global warming (GWP) are the driving forces behind new chemicals and new formulations being brought to the market by the industry. ASHRAE Standard 34 -2010 Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants specifies ri...


Continuous abrasion test & dry-sand wheel test

Abrasion tests with 3-body-abrasion condition under comparatively low stress can be carried out according to ASTM G65 [12] on a dry-sand rubber-wheel tester (see Figure 2). Different option or variants are used. Procedure A is a relatively severe test which will rank metallic materials on a wide vol...