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330 American ASTM textile standards

Here is the qinsun textile testing instrument manufacturer to introduce you to the 330 ASTM textiles istandards in the United States: ASTM D 5141-1996 Standard Test Method for Determining Filtering Efficiency and Flow Rate of a Geotextile for Silt Fence Application Using Site-Specific Soil R(1999) A...


23 hotspots for textile and clothing testing

The textile and apparel testing technology mainly includes fiber content analysis and inspection, chemical analysis inspection, down inspection, color fastness inspection, physical index inspection and other aspects. The following 23 hot issues will be shared in 5 sections. Section 1 Fiber content d...


Mask testing standards and export precautions

During the epidemic, masks have become a must-have for life. For better protection, we will elaborate on masks from the perspective of professional testing. 1. Mask detection classification Medical protective masks are suitable for high-risk environments, such as fever clinics in epidemic areas, iso...


How to carry out textile waterproof performance testing?

Many textile testing organizations do waterproof performance tests on their products. They simply pour some water to see if there is any penetration. As a specialized textile testing machine manufacturer , qinsun here clearly tells you that this is a wrong behavior! How to perform textile waterproof...


What are the 5 different types of textile elastic fibers?

Among many textile products, textile elastic fibers can give the human body a good sense of contact, and play an irreplaceable role in the wearing comfort and shape retention of clothing. Therefore, they occupy a stable position in textile fibers. Certain elasticity of textile fabrics has become an ...


Matters needing attention in textile GRS testing and certification

Textile GRS testing and certification is applicable to companies that have a statement describing the content of recycled raw materials in their ultimate products. At present, the certification standards established by recycled fibers are more commonly used. GRS certification is not easy. GRS certif...


What to pay attention to when testing textile formaldehyde content

There are three main points for attention in the formaldehyde content test of textiles: 1. Sample storage 2. Selection of sample test quantity 3. Color rendering Details of textile testing precautions: 1. Sealing of samples In the process of taking representative samples, the samples should be seale...


Textile testing expertise: shrinkage

1. Reasons for shrinkage of textiles: The textiles become smaller in size after washing, generally due to the following reasons: The first is thermal shrinkage, which is mainly manifested in thermoplastic chemical fibers such as polyester and nylon. The improvement method is to do heat setting durin...


Textile water permeability and water resistance testing

With the continuous improvement of peoples quality of life and the continuous progress of the textile industry, some basic functions of traditional textiles can no longer meet peoples needs. Various functional textiles have received widespread attention, and the requirements for textile performance ...


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