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Why choose QIUSUN Multi Finger Scratch Tester?

Introduction to Multi Finger Scratch Tester : Multi Finger Scratch Tester is used to evaluate the cutting, scratching, planing, scratching and engraving performance of materials. Its application areas include: rigid organic materials, plastics and glass, etc. The wood-based panel scratch tester is u...


QINSUN Instruments dry goods sharing丨fabric composition analysis

This time QINSUN is here to introduce the fabric wettability tester , a testing instrument for fabric composition analysis. The fabric wettability tester can be used to evaluate the water repellency of the fabric surface. After the fabric is identified by the combustion method, it needs to be furthe...


Failure analysis of common textile air permeability tester

The textile air permeability tester is a special instrument in textile testing equipment(instruments) . The internationally popular air permeability tester has three methods for the flow test unit: orifice type, circular nozzle type, and flowmeter method. Among them, the domestic common methods are ...


Multi Finger Scratch Tester standard and buying guide

Multi Finger Scratch Tester is suitable for the scratch resistance testing of various automotive interior materials, such as plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, coated materials, non-coated materials and other composite materials. What are the applicable standards for Multi Finger Scratch Tester? GB...


The Application of Flame Detector in Boiler Combustion Flame Detection

Usually, when a substance burns, it produces a lot of smoke and heat, and it also produces visible or invisible light radiation that is not in the atmosphere. Flame detector, also known as photosensitive fire detector, is a fire detector used to respond to the light characteristics of fire, that is, ...


Precautions for Use of Velcro Fatigue Tester

The hook and loop fastener fatigue tester simulates its actual use process through a certain number of clutch and hook surface separations, measures its shear strength and peel strength, and considers its durability. Test principle: Fix the loop surface and hook surface of the hook and loop fastener ...


Test procedure of fabric wrinkle recovery tester

The fabric wrinkle recovery tester is suitable for testing any fabric made of pure or blended fibers. It is used to test the recovery ability of the sample under a certain load after a certain period of time. The main parameters: 1. Sample size: 15cm28cm (611 inches) 2. Weights: 2000g, 1000g, 500kg, ...


Button tension tester calibration steps

The button tension tester is used to test the adhesion strength of buttons, buttons and fasteners on the garment, and to measure the fastening force of the button or the destructive force of detaching from the clothing. Testing purposes: defines the quality of garment manufacturing to ensure that but...


Operation steps of fabric wettability tester

The fabric wettability tester can be used to evaluate the water repellency of the fabric surface. The instrument is an all-metal frame. Quantitative distilled water passes through a standard nozzle and sprays the sample at a distance of 150mm below 45 degrees. After the test, the sample surface is co...


ASTM F1955 test experiment

1. This standard specifies the testing methods and requirements for sleeping bags: 1). The average burning speed does not exceed 15cm/min (6in./min) 2). The burning speed of any sample cannot exceed 20cm/min 2. Test preparation 1). Sample: 30cm (12in.)36cm (14in.), if the specified size cannot be cu...


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