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Liquid-Liquid Porosimeter

Liquid-Liquid Porosimeter

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The liquid-liquid porosimeter is a unique instrument with the ability to measure through–pore volume, volume distribution and liquid permeability without using mercury. The instrument is employed for characterization of porous materials used in many industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical, filtration, food, and environment. It produces no harmful effects on personnel or environment.
 Use two non-mixed and saturated moist liquids such as silwick and alcohol. The pores is filled with the silwick liquid. Use alcohol with adding pressure to replace the silwick and flow through the pores. Measure the amount of liquid flowing out. The flow rate and pressure difference of the alcohol were measured. Since the surface tension of the silwick and the alcohol was very low, the contact angel is zero. Calculate the average flow pore diameter and pore distribution (eg, CFP) .
It can measure pore diameters as small as few nanometers. Very low fluid permeability can be measured.
The pressure required is much less than the amount of pressure required for a capillary porometer.
Fully automatic and user-friendly operation
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Pressure range 0~500psi
Pore size range 0.5~0.002μm
Resolution 1 in 60000
Flow resolution 0.0001cc/min
Sample dimension Diameter 5mm~50mm,thickness 1(others applicable)
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