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Cartridge Bubble Point Tester

Cartridge Bubble Point Tester

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The cartridge bubble point tester accommodates cartridges having a wide range of sizes. It facilitates quick and easy loading and unloading of cartridges. Performs speedy high volume testing and measures pores on all sides of the cartridge. Conserves the wetting liquid by circulating from a storage tank, and ventilates the sample chamber. It has many applications throughout the filtration industry.
Working Principle
 A wetting liquid spontaneously fills the pores of a porous material. Wetting liquids is less than the surface free energy of the filtration media with air wetting liquid can be removed from the pores by increasing differential pressure of a non-reacting gas on the sample. The testing technique involves measurement of gas flow rates through a wet sample as a function of differential pressure. The gas pressure needed to displace a wetting liquid from the largest pore is related to the pore diameter.
     p = 4 γ cos θ / D
where, p is differential inert gas pressure on the wetting liquid in the pore, γ is the surface tension of the wetting liquid, θ is the contact angle of the wetting liquid with the pore surface of the filtration media, and D is pore diameter.
 The measured differential pressure yields the largest through pore throat diameter. The table below shows the range of wetting liquid sample sizes.
 · Accommodation of a wide range of Cartridge Sizes
   - Deep sample chambers, detachable head attachments, and movable clamping heads make this an extremely versatile machine.
· Quick Loading & Unloading of Cartridge for Speedy Testing
      -The cartridges are loaded in the sample chamber simply by using two levers. The horizontal lever is used to move the clamping head forward and backward to allow for cartridge length, and the rotating lever is used to lock the cartridge.
· High Volume Testing
      -The machine has two sample chambers, and each is provided with horizontal lever and a rotating lever for quick and easy loading and unloading
  · Automatic Wetting of Sample
      - The wetting liquid is automatically added to the sample chamber by an inlet inside the chamber. Enough liquid is added to adequately cover the sample.
· Testing of Pores on All Sides of the Cartridge
       - A rotating cartridge holder allows for even and equal testing on all sides of the sample. The speed at which the sample rotates can be adjusted by the user.
· Conservation of Wetting Liquid
       - The liquid is automatically drained from the sample chamber and pumped to a storage tank, which is then used to fill the sample chamber again.
· Ventilation of the Test Chamber
      - A ventilation fan constantly removes vapor of the wetting liquid from the sample chamber. The vapor is disposed of in an appropriate manner, and the operator is prevented from inhaling the vapor from the wetting liquid.
· Fully Automated Operation
     - Little user involvement is needed

Items Parameters
Pore size range 0.1~500μm (pore size less than 0.013μm also applicable)
Sample size Diameter 1.75‘’~2.5‘’
Sample chamber custom
Maximum range 0~100psi
Sealing gas Clean, dry, compressed air and non-flammable, non-corrosive gases
Pressure sensor range 0~100psi
resolution 1 in 10000
Accuracy  0.15% of the reading
Mass flow sensor range 0~10cc/minute
Power 110/220VAC,50/60Hz (other applicable)
Dimension 70 H×28 W×30 D
Weight 250lbs

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