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Static Acid Pressure Tester

Static Acid Pressure Tester

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Protective clothing against acid test system is the main inspecting device for application LA safety mark and industrial product production  license for acid proof protective clothing.   The device divides to  static acid pressure tester, acid and alkali repellant tester, and acid penetration time tester.
 Static acid tester can be used for water proof air permeability testing of  high density fabric, laminated fabric, and coating material etc.  Such as canvas, such as canvas, felt,  tarpaulin , cover cloth, airtight fabric, outdoor sports material, umbrella testing and waterproof material testing etc.   It can be also used for testing liquid and blood permeability testing of medical protective clothing, and chemical material liquid permeability testing of chemical protective clothing, liquid permeability testing of non-woven, filter material,  it can be also used for  water permeability testing of paper and card board .
Testing Standard
 GB 24540-2009《protective clothing against liquid acids and alkalis 》Appendix D
ISO 6529-2013  Protective clothing-protection against chemicals-determination of  resistance of  protective clothing materials  to permeation by liquids and gases.  
BS EN 463-1995  Protective clothing-protection against liquid  chemicals- Test method determination of resistance to penetration by a jet of liquid (Jet test) 
BS EN 468-1995  Protective clothing– protection against liquid chemicals, performance requirements for chemical protective clothing with spray-tight connections between different parts of the clothing( type  4 equipment

Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Measuring range 0~2k Pa
Testing accuracy 1Pa
Specimen spec Φ32mm
Testing liquid 80% concentrated H2SO4
Place position Test stand or table
Size 600mm*500mm*600mm
Power AC 220V 50Hz 50W
Pressure value LED display directly, no need count

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