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Tube Dropping Impact Tester

Tube Dropping Impact Tester

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Tube dropping impact tester is a test instrument for evaluating the impact resistance of pipe materials, the height of lift up or down with a touch screen display, intuitive and accurate. Product design completely meets with the ZBN72026 "dropping impact tester technical conditions" standard requirements.
Tube dropping impact tester is applies to determine the anti-external force impact performance for all kinds of pipe materials (PVC-U water supply pipe, sewage pipe, low-pressure water supply pipe, low pressure water transport pipe, foamed sandwich pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, PE water supply pipe, communication pipe) and hard plastic sheet, profiles, auto parts, and is a test instrument, used to evaluate the impact resistance of materials. 
 GB / T14152-2001 "Thermoplastics pipes-Determination of resistance to external blows-Round-the-clock method"
 1, equipment is beautiful, equipment shell using spray method, strong in mechanical strength, corrosion-resistant.
2, high security, hammer head is tied by the guide rail to ensure that the hammer head is not derailed.
3, hammer head is lifted up or down by the servo motor to ensure the accuracy of the lift displacement.
4, hanging hammer and hug hammer adopt cylinder control, fast reaction, and good durability.
5, prevent secondary impact (capture rate 100%).
6, the control core adopts imported Omron PLC, effectively reduce external interference, greatly improving equipment stability.
7, with a high degree of automatic control, display, drop hammer and other action and other advantages.
8, the software aspects: touch screen control, display rich content.
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Maximum impact energy 300J
Hammer head D25, D90
Impact height 50mm ± 2mm ~ 2000mm ± 2mm
Impact height error ± 2mm
Energy loss <0.25%
Repeat positioning error <± 1mm
Applicable pipe diameter Φ20mm ~ Φ400mm
Voltage of power supply AC220V 50Hz

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