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Fiber thermal shrinkage tester

Fiber thermal shrinkage tester

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Intelligent fiber heat shrinkable tester used to measure a variety of chemical fibers and natural fibers in the dry heat, high temperature steam, boiling water treatment after the heat shrinkage

Meet the standard: GB / T6505-1986; FZ / T-T50004-1991
Intelligent fiber heat shrinkable tester
Instrument features:
The instrument uses automatic control and data processing technology. Applicable to 0.89 ~ 16.65dtex fiber heat shrinkage measurement. The entire test process automatically, automatically screening test results in the outlier data, a maximum of two test tubes can be tested, each sample can hold up to 30 samples. The number of barrels and the number of samples per cylinder can be set freely. The instrument automatically determines the cylinder number, so that the baking and baking before the corresponding data, but also to break the rupture after the judge. The instrument automatically counts and automatically performs data processing. Can be displayed, the computer print output shrinkage rate of single value and the average, extreme, CV value and effective test number and other statistical data. The instrument has high resolution, stable performance, high degree of automation, simple operation.
1. Thermal shrinkage measurement range: 0 ~ 25%;
2. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.01mm;
3. Thermal shrinkage measurement error: ≤ ± 0.1%;
4. Upper and lower gripper spacing: 20mm ± 1mm;
5. Cylindrical frame can test the number of roots: 35;
6. Pre-tension folder quality error: ≤ 10%

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 500W
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