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Protective clothing acid and alkali resistance test equipment

Protective clothing acid and alkali resistance test equipment

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Protective clothing acid and alkali resistance test equipment is used to determine acid and alkali impermeability of permeable acid and alkali protective clothing.
GB 24540-2009 protective clothing for acid and alkali chemicals.

Working principle:
The resistance of the test solution to penetrate the fabric is expressed by the hydrostatic pressure of the fabric. Under the atmospheric pressure of 101.325kPa, the lower surface of the sample bears a continuously rising liquid pressure. Until there are three seepage points, and record the height of liquid column at this time, which is called hydrostatic pressure resistance of fabric.

Technical Parameters: 
1. Test solution: 80% concentrated sulfuric acid with different concentrations of acid and alkali
2. Rising rate of acid fracturing test solution: (60 3) cm/min
3. Maximum pressure: 150mm liquid column Maximum acid pressure: more than 150mmH2SO4(80%)
4. Measuring range: 0 ~ 150 mm liquid column 0 ~ 0~150 mmH2SO4(80%%)

Three samples were taken from the finished protective clothing, with a diameter of 32 mm.

1. the reagent contacts the sample from vertically below
2. Continuously and stably pressurize the reagent
3. Observe the sample and record the hydrostatic pressure when the third liquid bead appears on the sample
4. Each sample shall be tested three times, and the static pressure value of the sample shall be obtained by taking its arithmetic mean value.
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