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Computer Color Matching System

Computer Color Matching System

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Formula prediction/fixing:

Software provides four kinds of formula prediction models. Users can choose the most appropriate one based on the types of dyestuffs or textiles. 

The results could be arranged by color distance or full cost of formula. 


Color fixing for production:

Software provides the fixing formula and expected fixing result for user when color deviation happened in dyeing process. Users can decide to fix or re-dye the textile.


QC/Incoming inspection:

No only judge color by eyes but inspect colors by machine and deliver the result in numbers to reduce disputing during color checking process. And analyze the color difference of textile and dyestuff to prevent potential production issue.


Color library:

When you get a color sample from client, you don’t have to spend time looking at your sample books but run CCM to find the most similar historical sample in 10 seconds and get the fixing formula at the same time. 




Software features


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