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Medium Automatic Dispensing & Transporting System

Medium Automatic Dispensing & Transporting System

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The system focus on automatic dyeing solution and auxiliary dispensing & transporting to dyeing vats with low capacity ( 1kg~30kg). Dispensing accuracy is up to +/-0.2g .

It’s reliable on different kinds of fiber dyeing, such as cone dyeing, hank dyeing, cloth dyeing, and fabric dyeing.

Operators could complete making solution, dispensing and transporting within one machine in a small space.

The weighing accuracy could be equal to 0.0002g of dyestuff when dispensing solution in 0.1 concentration. 

Mother solution module:

The module includes a 25L dissolving tank with stirring blade and 20 25L solution-tanks, which equipped circulating pump. Accuracy of balance is 30kg/0.1g. 

Dispensing module:

The module includes 2 25L-dispensing tanks. 

Weighing accuracy is 30kg/0.1g. 

The tanks works in turns to ensure dispensing and transporting efficiency. 

Transporting module:

The distributor transports solution to 19 targets and another one for discharging. 

The module could be replaced by hand-carry module.

Medium Automatic Dispensing & Transporting System

Size:  191 × 124× 173 cm \120 × 145 × 174 cm  \  172 × 50 × 116 cm

Balance Accuracy: 30g/0.1g*2台 

Power: 220V 25KW/H


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