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Semi-Automatic Powder Weighing System

Semi-Automatic Powder Weighing System

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Product features:

Balance accuracy 0.1g & 0.01g & 0.001g:System will switch measuring process on appropriate balance based on formula to ensure better accuracy。

Industrial Computer:We use industrial computer with separated fan and 17” touch screen on machine for smooth user experience and prevent failure caused by humidity and dust.

Lamp Indication System (optional):Light could indicate workers to collect correct dyestuff. 

8 lamps includes in a set.


Billing System:

Billing system could connect to computer color system, dyestuff dispensing system in laboratory, powder weighing system and mother solution dispensing system in workshop to integrate the information in product life cycle. 


Semi-automatic powder weighing system

Size: 110 × 85 × 133 cm 

Balance Accuracy: 300g/0.001g*1台 ; 3kg/0.01g *1台 ; 30kg/0.1g *1台

Power: 220V 0.5KW/H 

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