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Semi-Automatic Auxiliary Dispensing System

Semi-Automatic Auxiliary Dispensing System

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Product features:

Low-cost option.Workers need to carry the containers manually after auxiliary dispensing. Operation process should be regulated to ensure using effect. 

Two balances for two dispensing positions:Equipped two balances of 300kg/1g accuracy.


Environmental requirements of auxiliary system:

Auxiliary barrel & Supplementary device:Clients could prepare auxiliary barrels or purchase additional barrels from Chain-lih. Barrels capacity should meet minimum consumption of three days to avoid frequent supplement.

Platform construction for system:It’s highly recommended to construct a platform to place auxiliary barrels. Maintenance and consumable cost will be lower when the dispensing is made on gravity flow. Need to purchase diaphragm。


Semi-automatic auxiliary dispensing system

Size: 100×90.5×173cm 

Dispensing Qty.: 1-20 kinds 

Power: 220V 0.5KW/H

Balance Accuracy: 300kg/1g *2台 

Dispensing Accuracy: ±20g

 Air: 8*5; 5-7kg;

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